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Facist Fries ~

For supporters of a delicious totalitarianism

Facism and Fastfood
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Do you have an unnerving temptation to eat Taco bell while planning genocide? Wouldn't it be fun to take Hitler out to Wendys? On any given day, can you be found reading Mein Kampf or My Rise and Fall over a bigmac with a few close friends? If these don't apply to you, do you at least *dream* about them?

If you answered yes, then welcome! ^.^ Fascistic Fries might be just the place for you. This community is the grotesque brainchild of necrodiac (Hana) and pretty_dictator (Dallas). It was then Bastardized by my_valentine (Stephen) to provide a place for like-minded individuals to discuss both fast food as well as radical sociopolitcal doctrines! ^_^

1. You have to join before you can post anything. It's a given.
2. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact either of the moderator via aim (rentrer en noir).
3. Trolling/flaming will not be tolerated. You will be banned from the community, your posts deleted, you body sent to the taco bell meat factory.
4. Debating is a good thing, but keep it intelligent and polite without Ozzy Osbourne vernacular.
5. Use proper spelling and grammar, *please*. Posts with frequent swearing and/or typos and/or grammatical errors will be deleted.
6. Please keep your posts at least somewhat on-topic. Pictures of you eating, and anything related to the third reich, also, trendy healthy spots like noodles & co and the like are encouraged. You may also promote communities if they're somehow related.
7. Place all images aside from very small ones (100x100-ish) under cuts. Images take time to load, and not everyone's willing to wait that long.
8. Have fun! *curtsey*

By the way, spreading propoganda about this community is encouraged.